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Our position as a leading security and risk management firm results from international reach, experience delivering solutions in a variety of operating environments, and our unrivalled expertise. We provide innovative, high quality security solutions to help our clients experience peace of mind by managing, mitigating, and reducing risks.

Our team brings over six decades of multifaceted physical security subject matter expertise (SME), coupled with a proven reputation for the development of specialist high-performance and dynamic executive protection and security teams that protect life safety, brand reputation, intellectual property, as well as physical assets internationally. We have a proven track record of mitigating risk via performing comprehensive best practice risk and threat assessments, while simultaneously communicating and recommending strategies and trends to the C-Suite, thus furthering our client's overall collective performance.

We have protected and/or provided superior security services for high net worth individuals and families, fortune 500 companies, middle eastern royalty, celebrities (music, film, television), US congressmen, professional sports teams, film & television studios (including on-location), big tech, automotive manufacturers (code red vehicles), estate security, stalking victims, asset transportation, and other high-threat scenarios to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks.

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A comprehensive risk assessment is the combined effort of:  Identifying and analyzing potential events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment; and making judgments "on the tolerability of the risk on the basis of a risk analysis" while considering influencing factors.

An asset is what we’re trying to protect. Assets are people, property, and information. People may include employees and customers along with other invited persons such as contractors or guests. Property assets consist of both tangible and intangible items that can be assigned a value. Intangible assets include reputation and proprietary information. Information may include databases, software code, critical company records, and many other intangible items.

We provide current BEST-PRACTICE facility, residential, and travel risk assessments utilized by "household name" Fortune 500 companies (all sectors including educational institutions), and UHNW (ultra high net worth) individuals and families globally. 


The potential for loss, damage or destruction of an asset (including public image) as a result of a threat exploiting a vulnerability.


Anything that can exploit a vulnerability, intentionally or accidentally, and obtain, damage, or destroy an asset.


Weaknesses or gaps in a security program that can be exploited by threats to gain unauthorized access to an asset.


Whether you need a single bodyguard for you or your family, or a team of professionals to protect your home or business, from security guards to Executive Protection, we've got your back! Whether you need a security escort to a single event, or long-term protection anywhere, anytime, we can handle your needs. We also offer full threat assessment at your home and business, as well as cutting edge products to help keep you safe. Contact us to discuss your needs.



We have your asset transport needs covered. Our armed security specialists will ensure that your valuables get to their destination. Our armored car license is reciprocated across all states, so we can move your high-value assets anywhere in the country.

In the cannabis industry? We have you covered as well. Utilizing up-armored vehicles and armed security professionals, we can ensure that your cannabis and cannabis products are safely transported from point to point within California. Following the guidelines set forth by the BCC, we can legally transport your goods, fully armed. You no longer have to worry about theft or loss. Contact us to discuss.

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